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The ancestors speak:
The wealth and prosperity of any society can be measured in how the children are faring in the society. If the children are faring well, the society is also faring well. If we took all our resources and put them to work towards the wellbeing of all our children, we would have a flowering society in only 10 years time. And when we say children, we mean all the children of Mother Earth: fire, water, air, plants, animals and humans.

Forn-Nordic Tradition, the Seeress.
Freya was Scandinavia’s answer to Aphrodite and Venus and was worshipped over very great areas in the north countries.

Wise women, seeresses, the priestesses of Freya, was walking among the people who frequently invited them to come to the villages and foresee the future. They answered the humans questions about life and death, love and growth.
The seeresses were highly revered and respected.

The samic nojd was a man or woman knowledgeable of cult and magic who travelled around performing his/her art.
The nojd got his information about the common situation of the place he was in at the moment through dreams.

He/she was also highly revered and respected and people used to gather dressed in their finest clothes to participate in the ceremony. Here was not singing but drumming the main trance-endusing tool. When the ceremony was completed, the nojd was paid for his/her work.

Dream Again

Our Nordic ancestral behavior goes well with the shamans and shamankas of Asia.
In the beginning of time, all shamans used to be women.
The male shamans often tried to perform like they were actually women, to fool the spirits into believing they were female.
Their costumes had a feminine touch, often a dress or a skirt, they braided their hair, tried to give their voice a light tone.

Shamans and shamankas in northeastern Europe and Asia
have been described as a highly trained class of seeresses with the ability to free their soul from the body, see into the river of time, visiting the land of the dead and make themselves psychicly available for the humans they wanted to see. Through their special powers they also had the power to heal the sick, both human and animal.

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