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The Foundation Jolandas Friends do research, preserve and revive the belief-systems of indigenous people from all over the world, including the belief-system of the Vanes, who use to live in the middle and south parts of Sweden.


Jolandas Friends acknowledge that which these basic belief-systems have in common, such as: reincarnation, the presence of a mother goddess, several other gods and goddesses, healing properties of the plants,
mooncalendar, the craft of the shaman, and the art of the Seer.

The community is open for support membership.

The Goddess
Mother God is awakening.
We can now reclaim our most important birthright, the pure joy in being alive.
We can open our new eyes and see:
There is no one to be saved from, no struggling going on with the universe,
no God in the world to fear and obey.

The Goddess, the Mother, turns the spiral that whirls us in and out of existence.
Her blinking eyes is our pulse of live, birth – death – rebirth.
Her play-full laughter permeats all living things, filling us with joy and lust for life.

She can be found through love, love for the trees, the stones, the sky and the clouds,
the fragrant flowers and the thundering waves, love for all who runs, flies, creeps and crawls on her face, love for ourselves.

Integrating, world-creating love for one another.


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