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The Tower on BlueHill
' Earth and stone, ancient bone, strength from the roots, make me grow! '

The Swedish Witches workings in the Tower, Epilouge

The Sunlit Island
The Tower is beautifully positioned on the highest spot in Hagalunds Park, Solna, in forn-nordic language called the Sunlit Island, in modern language called the Blue Hill. Jolanda's Friends moved into the old water-tower in spring 1999 . The community study and display different belief-systems of indigenous people around the world, including the belief-system of the swedish ancestors, the Vanes, living in the middle and south parts of Sweden. Shamanism is the central theme.

Blue Hill

Blue is associated with the world of the ancestors spirits, the spiritualists and the high priestesses in the old religions, and is the color of the hill in the dusk, and then dark-blue in the night, illumined by the silverlight from the moon and all the stars.
In pre-christian days, before the churches were built, the people used to meet outdoors, preferable nearest hill or mountain.
The mountain, or hill, was the holy place where earth and heaven met, and symbolizes the sacred marriage between the as below, Mother Earth, and as above, Father Sky.

The Medicinewheel

All of these indigenous people share in their belief-systems the circle of the eight directions, called the wheel of life. Our ancestors living on planet Earth thousands of years ago, knew about the full circle of life and death, day and night, there where no limits, only life-giving magic. They kept attuned and celebrated the changes in nature from spring to summer, from summer to autumn and so forth. All life was considered sacred.

Mother Earth
‘ Mother I feel you under my feet, Mother I hear your heart beat.’
In these old times the female principal was regarded as the origin of life. The Sun was the male life-giving principle. The Earth was worshipped as the Great Mother. In Scandinavia the name of the Great Goddess was Hel, and her priestesses were called healers.

The Calender of the Moon

Time was measured in thirteen moon-cycles, the moon itself sacred and worshipped as a goddess or god. The art of healing was female, but practiced by both sexes. The midwife was also a healer with the knowledge of the healing properties of a great variety of herbs.
‘Let the fires from the ancestors spread over the nightsky, enlighten your way to the stars. Let grandmother moons silverhorn fill the bowl of your heart with love.'

  Det Heliga

The Tower as a meetingplace
The fact that the tower is built in an eight-corner shape establishes the medicinewheel. As a powerful addition to its qualifications to host shamanistic work is that it is built on Blue Hill, most probably the very place where our swedish ancestors living in that area gathered to practice their ancient rituals. Since Jolanda & friends moved into the tower a number of years ago, the interior has gradually been decorated in accordance with the teachings of Sweet Medicine and other schools of magic that exists around the globe. Every item and decoration has been carefully selected to create a three-dimensional experience of being in a world where magic is all present and natural. People of all ages and nations have come visited during these years, participating in the various activities that has been arranged by the community. All activities takes place during May - September.

Today, in our times, we have the opportunity to re-connect with our ancestral knowledge, which is slumbering deep down inside of each of us, in our very DNA. When we revisit the Blue Hill, either in physical form or in our imagination, we move ourselves through the twilight-zone into the deep blue night, into the female intuitive and dreaming, deep subconsious parts of our being. It will give us the ability to re-mind ourselves that the female cannot exist without the male and vice versa, and we can re-create the balance between the two parts within ourselves. As within, so without. In this way we help achieving not only our own dream of peace within, but also in the achievment of the collective growing dream of worldpeace.
Old and new is dancing together in an endless circle. The great Mother loves all of us, her daughters and sons, the animals, the plants, the minerals. All there is is love.

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